olas migratorias (“Migratory waves”)

Project commissioned by Secretaría de Patrimonio Cultural (Secretary of Cultural Patrimony) for the Long Night of Museums), and it took place in the surroundings of Palacio Nacional de Arte (former Palais de Glace) [(The National Palace of Art (former Palais de Glace)], Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (National Museum of Fine Arts), Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo (National Museum of Decorative Art) and Museo del Libro y de la Lengua (Museum of Books and Language).

The migratory waves transport representations of our cultural patrimony from one museum to the other. Each group is coordinated by four performers who take action in different ways: by impersonating different characters of our history, using signs to invite the viewers to participate in many ways, or by playing songs that reflect our past and present times. The route is a ludic and educative experience, but above all, it’s an appropriation of our cultural assets.

Buenos Aires. October de 2016.

Performers Belén Charpentier, Fiorella De Giacomi, Eva Jarriau, Nicolás Lodigiani, Juan Carlos Prudencio, Lux Valladolid, María José Schoereder, Maia Minovich.
Assistance Silvina Gonzalez, Laura Derpic, Lucía Deca, Samadi Valcarcel
Musical advisor Nacho Sanchez
Photographic record Malena Vain y Carolina Juskoff
Video recordMalena Vain and Carolina Juskoff
Art and script MARTE
Direction Paula Baró