UN AUTO ESTACIONÓ EN MI BONSAI (“A car parked on my bonsai”)

MARTE - Kerenkaferem (Brasil)

Site specific - Artistical exchange, and artistic creation residence.

This piece is an investigation about what has been experienced. The noise of a car’s engine deafened us when the sun went down . Behind the walls, six people get closer little by little. Sometimes in an accurate way, sometimes not so. They are all that has been lived and experienced until now. The current love expressed in the sediments of all the previous love experiences . Six people. Six moments. A collective research. They are the same with different bodies.

Buenos Aires. November de 2013

Performers Melina Marcow, Sol Tester, Antonella Querzoli, Merlina Castaño, Eva Jarriau, Sabrina Cassini, Franco Bertolucci.
Stage lighting Rocío Caliri
Audiovisual Colaborator Haroldo Machado
Artistic collaboration and production MARTE Cristian Cutró, Laura Derpic, Christian Cardozo, Lucía Deca y Paula Baró (MARTE)
Graphic Design Sonia Bach
Authors Pedro Pedruzzi (Br), Alina Folini, Nina La Croix (Br), Eloy Machado (Br).