Sponsored by Fondo Nacional de las Artes (the National Fund for the Arts), Sagai Foundation, Villa Sonora and Club Cultural Matienzo.

We go back in time in search of our own origin, looking out for data to deconstruct a narration that contains us. A group of people in which everyone comes from different backgrounds, though they still share a story in common. We create an essay about who we are and how we could be, and whether or not it is possible to build the conditions for a utopian future, where hegemony arises from the interaction among minorities.

Buenos Aires, July 2018.

PerformersHyngrid Bergmann, Martín Larocca, Yael Lazzari, Nicolás Lodigiani, Melina Marcow, Juan Carlos Prudencio, Antonella Querzoli, Ámbar Vega.

Lighting Rocío Caliri

Costume Design Carlos Díaz Pais

Setting Design Carlos Díaz Pais y Julieta Potenze

Flyer Design/ Illustration Lino Divas

Graphic Design Carla Flores

Communication Lux Valladolid

Executive Production Laura Derpic

Playwriting Paula Baró, Laura Derpic y Nicolás Lodigiani*

Direction and production assistance María José Schroeder, Paula La Sala

Artistic collaboration and Performative training Melina Seldes

Music direction and original soundtrack Nacho Sánchez

Photography Martina Estelí García

Direction and staging Paula Baró