FUERA DEL TIEMPO (“Out of time”)

Commissioned by Secretaría de Hábitat e Inclusión Social de la ciudad de Buenos Aires (Habitat and Social Inclusion Secretary of the City of Buenos Aires)

A group of people can build something or not. If they choose to do so, the consequence will always be the sum of unexpected findings. We don’t know about love more than what finds us while we are in love. What people expect of us doesn’t have to do with what we really expect of our lives. We keep on saying to ourselves that taking part means going to the encounter with one another. This is why we perform. Being out of time is the infinity. In this project, we inhabit the space of a school classroom to make a magic knot with present time, which could lead us to unknown territories. We are not afraid, and this gives us courage. Now we are more people than before because we put our bodies to fantasy purposes. This play is the result of a year’s work with the neighbours of Barrio Cildañez/Villa 6 in Buenos Aires, which gave birth to a Community Theater Group.

Buenos Aires, November 2017

Performes Fernando Acevedo, Fran Acevedo Jimenez, Fiorella De Giacomi, Laura Derpic (Bol), Martin Larocca, Leonardo Mancilla (Bol), Fernando Vivero, Brian Quiroz.
Musician Nacho Sanchez.
Producer and Technical Operator Nicolás Lodigiani.
Assistant Director Martina García.
Playwrights Grupo de Teatro Comunitario de Barrio Cildañez.
Director Paula Baró.