CANCHA - Ciclo de artes performativas (“Cancha - performative arts season”)

Commissioned by MARTE and Matienschön

Where are performative arts going? While the imposture of contemporary art is discussed, what movement can activate performative arts? The belief is the line that crosses four artists from different fields that are invited to make performative pieces in specific spaces of Club Cultural Matienzo. These artists work through spirituality, territory and experience, betting on the process that the tour proposes. And we ask ourselves with them “where are we going?” Thus we open the cancha one more year.

Buenos Aires, July 2015 & September 2016

Artists 2016 Jair Jesús Toledo, Baró - Cutró, Joao Marcelo Iglesias (RJ), Elisa Gagliano (CBA)

Artists 2015 BásicaTV, Paula Cancela, Belén Charpentier, FLUO, Ana Capalbo y Juana Rinaldi, Cecilia Czornogas, Hyngrid Bermann (Br) y Julián Pesce, Alina Marinelli, Anónimo

Curatorship and production y producción Sabrina Cassini y Belén Charpentier