Los Cosos

By Paula Baró

Staging Nicolás Lodigiani

This text was published in a bilingual edition (Portuguese and Spanish) by Editorial Libretto

At a building’s rooftop, Sofía and Roberto (a fern) watch the sunset. It’s summer, the sun is soft and the wind is warm. Among other things, Juan shows up. The three of them will uselessly try to communicate, help and take some distance of each other. The whatchamacallits takes place between adolescence and adulthood, between day and night, between Summer and Fall. The air surrounds everything that is in permanent change.

Buenos Aires, December 2014

Direction Nicolás Lodigiani
Cast Giselle Motta, Ernesto Tuqui Donegana, Luciano Ledesma, Juan Chapur y Andres Sakkal