Los Rubiecitos (“The little blondes”)

By Laura Derpic

Best theatrical text for the Eduardo Abaroa Plurinational Prize, Bolivia. Declared of Cultural Interest by the Ministry of Cultures of Bolivia. Text published within the framework of the International Theater Festival of La Paz (FITAZ) 2016. Selected as Best play 2016, Escuela de Espectadores de La Paz.

How do you lose such a big piece of land? Los Rubiecitos is a sinister children’s play about the territorial losses in Bolivia after 1800. Taking as a starting point the primary school book Alma de Niño*, the author and director generates a dreamlike and reminiscent-to-children space that allows us to delve into the deep plot of Bolivia's history and present, and its long-awaited struggle to recover the sea.

*Alma de Niño, by Gladys Rivero de Jiménez, is a reading manual that had been official until the 90’s in public schools of Bolivia.

Buenos Aires. September de 2014.

Cast Miguel Ángel Vigna, Eva Jarriau (Fr.), Agustín Scalise, Franz Baltazar (Bol.), Fernando García Cormick.
Stage lighting Rocío Caliri (Arg.)
Stage design: Esteban Siderakis
Illustration Sonia Basch
Music composing Antonio Zimmerman y Esteban Sebastiani
Assistant Producer and Director Martina Estelí García (Arg.)
Text and direction Laura Derpic (Bol.)